Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

We Seriously want to see Heaven on Earth, and won't stop until we see it, or Heaven!  We formed in 2017 to Help Revivalist spread Revival.

What is a Revivalist you ask?  A revivalist is someone who wants to revive the gospel of Jesus and make him famous while loving all people around them, also anyone who has a dream deep inside them bursting to get out.  So it can be anyone who Speaks, Writes, Composes, or just about anyone breathing on this earth who is a Christ-follower.

We know not every ministry can help those who are created to do more outside of the church building, we want to help bridge that gap.

We have created a publishing division to get teaching, curriculum, as well as books out to the world with a non profit model that we believe can be reproduced over and over again.

We have also created a Music label division to help singers and musicians spread revival through worship and original songs.

All this to say the end goal is to spread pockets of revival through relationships dedicated to making each other better through support and accountability until the whole Earth is filled with the presence of God!

Meet the Team


April and Johnny Walker

Founders & CEO

Johnny and April have been married for 10 years.  They have an awesome miracle toddler named Malachi and another one on the way!


Tiffany and Daniel Lee

CFO and Vice President 

Will You Help Us

How you can help us:

  1. Through Prayer
  2. Through Your time
  3. Through a Financial Partnership

Weather you can give $1 or $1 million We need you! We want you to know we are a debt free ministry that is stewards with what comes in.